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  26 months ago

NEW Toluna Agony Aunt!

Write your problems below and if you are lucky, Tolunateamen will respond with help!

Does your partner snore? Are you fed up with the kids? Are you at your wits end with work? Post your problem below and let us know.


  26 months ago
I have 10 years of problems
I first went to get help from a solicitor about 6 years ago to do with property. I can remember like yesterday what my solicitor said.
Don't worry you've done the right thing.
Now baring in mind I was not in trouble or anything like that I just wanted to sort things out as I was being billed for everything and I couldn't sell these properties as they was in someone else's name besides mine.
Now after I have spent all my savings and the years have passed and things are still not sorted I have to give them 25% of my own property if I sell it or when I die to pay there fees. I have Children and grand children and great grand children and nothing to leave them now and I feel like I have been legally Robbed.
I feel as If I have lost everything and its not over yet. What was the point in going for help as its just made me sick with worry and how can that be the best thing ?
I sit and worry from day to day and just wish it was over. I know one thing I will never turn to a solicitor for help again. I wouldn't have the money anyway.


  26 months ago
Is it possible to get money for develop my business from someone instead of bank when i got through my business i,ll be back that money.


  26 months ago
I hate A level exams


  26 months ago
I have my period. Please help me.


  26 months ago
I am really struggling to come to terms with the very unexpected passing of my father. I hadn't seen my dad about a year before he passed away, due to my health issues. I was a daddy's girl, and he couldn't deal with seeing me in pain. I didn't want to hurt him. I loved all of his children, beyond anything that my words can say. I want my father back in my life. I would take his place without a doubt or blinking twice. I never knew that you could feel this empty, and loss, until he went. How can I move on? He was a very great man and made a positive difference in the lives of everyone who had crossed his path. I didn't even get to say goodbye. I spoke to him on New Year's Day, and he passed away on the 17/01/2016 at 57 years of age. You would never guess that he was that old. He looked and lived a much younger way of life. He was known as a saviour for our community. He would help anyone, regardless of his circumstances. He has left a big hole in so many lives. My dad was my hero and he will always be a legend.


  26 months ago
i cant find friends


  26 months ago
Dear Aunt Toluna,
I'm on maternity leave and love my kids to bits. I got a teething 5 month old but all that my four year old wants to do is play Frozen or Paw Patrol . She will only sit down to eat as Queen elsa or go shopping as a dog! (Out to save the world).
As I type away, she is repeating herself and has pulled my beloved throw down on top of her as a cape.
I'm going Frozen-barking mad.
What can I do?
(Please don't tell me to LET IT GO) ;)
Yours most silly,
Pink Sugar x


  26 months ago
Dear Toluna,please help me! I am a female, height 5ft9 and struggle to find a decent genuine man who is taller than me! All the tall guys i meet are either married,gay,taken or only after a visa!


  26 months ago
help with money ;)


  26 months ago
Dear Aunt Agony, I find that I fall over after drinking more than a gallon of cider.
Should I switch to drinking beer?
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