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  105 months ago

Do You Think The Age Of Criminal Responsibility Should Be Lowered/Highered/Stay The Same?

In light of the recent case where 2 young brothers were held and charged for beating/abusing 2 younger children, do you think that the age for criminal responisbility be changed? Do you think children of certain ages are too young? Obviously children below a certain age would be excempt, ie 5 or under. What are your thoughts?


  105 months ago
LOwered. "kids" that are able to kill should be punished! these are not kids, but monsters!. however, on some occasions, it would be more appropriate to lock this kid-murderer in a psychiatric clinic. sometimes, these are parents who made kids think in certain ways. they directly influence child's views on whats right, and some kids' views on whats moral ir rather perverted.


  105 months ago
I would say 7 at the lowest. There are some that live not far from me that can swear like navvys and are completely out of control at 5 & 6.If they are mollycoddled and just get a telling off, they are just laughing all the way to the next crime.
This country is far too soft, do the crime and learn from the punishment.


  105 months ago
If they are old enough to know right from wrong they are old enough to be face the punishment due to them and should be named and shamed.
No person should be excused punishment on account of their age and hide behind that, child or teenager and the age limit is immaterial in any crime in my book!


  105 months ago
I think that the age should definately be lowered. They know that they are doing wrong so they should be punished for doing it.


  105 months ago
If you're old enough to commit the crime, you're old enough to face the consequences. Even those of four years old these days know they shouldn't be beating the crap out of another person. I most definately think it should be lowered to 5 years old or possibly even 4, to say you're only responsible for your own actions after 10years old is complete rubbish and children today know exactly what they can get away with.
parents should be held responsible to, like the case of a 9 year old child who knicked their parents car and went on a joy ride because he didnt want to go to bed, how the hell did he know how to drive? ( i know its easier in America where it happened but it does happen in this country)

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