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56 months ago

Are You Old Enough To Remember Derbac Soap And Steel Rake......

Did your Mum scrub your hair with the dreaded, foul smelling Black Derbac Soap Bar.

I remember every Sunday night when we had our baths out would come the Nit Soap, as we called it, my mum would literally scrub our hair with it, even though we didnt have the little Beasties, 'Prevention is better than cure' mum would tell us a we protested very loudly, after towelling our hair dry out would come the worst tool ever invented by man the 'Steel Nit Rake' and that is just how it was used, if you escaped with a few scalp scratches and no blood you had got off lightly!!!

The smell of that soap was so awful it brought tears to our eyes and left our hair with more knots than a Sailors robe and as dry as old straw. Even after a few days hair still had the dreaded Derbac smell to it!!!


  56 months ago
hi cerise, no nit nurse but wish they still did check at schoo! it would make my life easyer poor amy came home for primary school with baby crawlers, tiny little nits but egg cases most of the nit tearment don't work any more i use half a bottle of conditioner and metal nit comb it takes ages to comb thought her and my hair to clear them and then she goes back to school and gets them back again prolem is not all the parents check and then say that their children never has had nits and the poor thing scratching away! amy has short hair now and don't hug some of the children in her class and for the last two years no nits but i still check!! and the way the way i'm scratching my head just think of them yuck!!


  56 months ago
I remember the 'nit nurse' in school. Long lines of kids lining up and beenig checked. The problem with nits is you get rid of them on your own kids and some parents do not bother so your kids get reinfected again and again. I was told I was lucy as my kids only got them once in primary school. No, not lucy, just very carful as I used to check them myself.
I am not scratching at reading this but I am also a nurse have treated people in casualty with them and during lectures we were all scratching


  56 months ago
I am old enough but my mum never inflicted it on us!! My memories of lice are associated with a young man who came into Casualty when I was a nurse there and I was treating him. His head was a mass of lice and what fascinated me was that as I applied the lotion to treat him the lice all "ran" away from it!! Gross I know but I thought that was quite clever of them!! Nobody would go for their teabreak with me that day!!!
PS How many of you reading or answering this topic are scratching your head as you do?!!!


  56 months ago
Yes cerise and every Friday was nit night and was I glad when plastic nit combs came out but boy, they were as bad as the steel ones.I can remember mother saying no child of mine will get nits and be classed as dirty as was in our day. It was classed as a dirty head and when the school nit nurse visited the school we dreaded the letter being given out in case we received one and every one knew who had one.
My grandma used Lux flakes and Borax when we stayed during the school holidays ,to wash our hair which did smell better that the nit soap did then she sat us down on the floor between her knees and the dreaded comb was out .I think if we had nits they would hop away when they saw the darn thing ,and as you said we were lucky to escape without a bleeding head with the sharp ends on the combs.
Now it is accepted that nits only prefer a clean head and the stigma has now gone thankfully.


  56 months ago
|That's highly topical and relevant to our family at the moment, cerise. I don't remember derbac shampoo, but we were nit combed, ( never had them). My daughter has her stepdaughter most weekends and half the holidays and she invariably arrives with the crawlers. Daughter bought Derbac M lotion this time and was horrified that it hasn't worked.
She's going to try something different now; plastering the hair with vaseline and putting ashower cap on the head to suffocate them. Hope it works as she's just about reached her limit with them.


  56 months ago
I dont recall that soap Cerise but it sounds awful.


  56 months ago
No i am way too young. From your question and the picture i thought it was some sort of cartoon.

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