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78 months ago

Do teachers get too many holidays?

Two weeks to go before we return to work. Unusually we broke up on the 22nd of July this year and go back on the 2nd of September.

12 weeks holiday a year. Sounds a great deal said out loud does it not? But I can assure you that having dealt with the nations teenagers you need time to climb down of the ceiling.

What do you think?


  73 months ago
Yes I think they have too many holidays 12 weeks from January to September - ridiculous - how am I a working Mother meant to fit this around my working life! Every six weeks there is a break - I work very vey hard and so does my husband - we don't get a break every six weeks - childcare these days is astronomically high - I wish my profession gave a holiday every 6 weeks and yes I would work at home but I would be at home.
I believe that the teaching profession needs to come up to par because the educational standards are low, children think school is a laugh because they just look forward to the next holiday.
Third world countries dont have the luxury of having these many holidays - sorry but I have have been at the end of my tether arranging around school holidays - there are just too many.


  75 months ago
I'm a teacher and can put in 12/13 hours days sometimes, thats up to 60 hours a week and I end up doing work at the weekends, evening etcs, far more than the supposed average of 40 hours that a typical 9 to 5 job would entail. I think the 'holidays' simply reflect the hours we have to work and, again, I still find my self doing school related stuff in the holidays lol!


  78 months ago
Just having my grandaughter in a class of 20 odd the teacher deserves a medal as her concentration span is 2 minutes at the most. Children do not know how to sit still and concentrate any more and she needs entertaining at the age of 8 as she likes to be "in control and the centre of attention"
Enjoy the break simon and don't forget that if it snows you may get extra time off !!!!!!ouch!


  78 months ago
Until the daughter started infant's school ( dim and distant past now) and I saw her young but dedicated teacher dealing with 24 four and five year olds, I never thought about how teachers, especially primary, deserve their holidays. When I was at school, certain teachers were for baiting with no thought given, and others just made our lives hell. So yes enjoy your 12 weeks and that especially goes for all the primary teachers.


  78 months ago
I am not a teacher, per se, but I do teach (I 'deliver learning' as an NVQ assessor) teenagers in years 10 and 11, I also take Children Out of School Service (those that have been removed from mainstream education, for whatever reason), so I also 'work the school year', albeit for three days a week. I find that I do not have 12 weeks holiday a year because a fair bit of my 'down time' is spent marking previous assessments, and planning the next ones! I also take more hours at my second job, enabling the 'week day chef' to have her time off, just to keep myself off the streets!


  78 months ago
I wouldn't be able to do your job Simon without climbing the walls myself so 12 weeks seems reasonable to me.
It's not as if you can clip them round the head these days and get away with it when they step out of line.


  78 months ago
What would you have them do? Lecture to empty classrooms?
Actually quite a few do lesson planning, unpaid, during their hols. And there are some teachers on annual contracts who aren't actually being paid during the summer hols, and who either have to save up the rest of the year to live during the summer or seek a summer job.
You wouldn't catch me becoming a teacher unless I could have carte blanche with the belt and a pardon in advance for any of the little b*ggers that I killed!
I'm not convinced by Lisa's pay comparison. Is she comparing with the average graduate wage, since she should as a degree is a requirement to be a teacher, rather than the average wage?


  78 months ago
I personally think that its applicable to the job held but I think that when teachers then turn around and complain about their pay it does irritate me a bit as while the jobs is extremely stressful and not one I would choose, the leave negates a lot of the stress and already the teachers salary is above average in most areas compared to a standard job income.
I couldn't stand that long off especially as you end up having to go away to resorts swarming with kids but that is why I never went into teaching in the first place lol


  78 months ago
I dont think its too much time at all. Not as they have a hard time, but if they dont have anything to do then why should they have to go to work just to do nothing

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