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89 months ago

Vin Diesel



  87 months ago
Born on 07/18/1967 in New York Vin Diesel started his acting career way back as a child actor and all these years on he even better in his parts
Vin Diesel doesnt get as much promotion or parts as id like to see him have he seems to be under rated he is also a writer director and producer though he doesnt get mentioned along side the other top actors and as yet i havnt seen a movie of his iv not enjoyed he plays his roles as good as it gets pitch black and the Riddick amoung my favourites
i think he should make more big movies hes a great actor and really sexy


  87 months ago
I cant honestly say ive seen all of Vin Diesel`s films but the ones i have seen have been great. Ive seen The fast and the furious and Tokyo drift, XXX, A man apart, and the chronicles of Riddick. I have found these really good, and he is gorgeous too lol. Between him and Paul Walker they won an award for The Fast and The Furious, and he also won one for saving private ryan but im not very keen on this film. Other work he has done includes a printed ad for Timex Watch in 1999/2000 and he appeared on the street mixtape for "The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape from butcher bay" in 2004.

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