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90 months ago

What do you think about Peter Davies (Mayor of Doncaster) cutting his own salary from £73,000 to £30,000 etc?

He's also saving them a fortune on their council tax by reducing the number of councillors, not "twinning" with other towns, and more controversially refusing to fund Gay Pride march, Black History Month and various other events.

Is this just a publicity stunt?

Would you vote for him if he ran for Prime Minister?

I like the sound of what he's done so far, but I'm not so sure about the English Democrats as a whole. I might have to read up on the matter a bit more, I don't even know if we have one in our area.


  86 months ago
Good man but I can't see anyone else following suit.


  89 months ago
he now gets over 73.000 with his state pension yes?

steve c

  90 months ago
I like what I hear.
It’s great to have a straight talking politician. We could do with Peter Davis in St Helens or Wigan. If i lived in Doncaster I would vote for Peter Davis, I hope he doesn’t forget whose purse he’s holding and turn like all the rest and start giving money away like candy bars. Peter, takes your time and build a strong community. Stick to your opening speech and hey you could be prime minister.
Well Done Peter.
Steve Coyne


  90 months ago
The steps he has implemented are sensible and its about time a politician who appears to have a brain actually got into power. I had an email the other week detailing the steps he has taken and they are all very sensible and saved his town hundreds of thousands of pounds that were really being wasted.
Would love to see more people follow suit and then see if its possible to roll this out on an MP level.


  90 months ago
He will ever get any where in politics, he seems like an honest man. Look what happened to Dave Nellist. He was a labour MP from the midlands, who took his mp's salary, paid researchers etc, and left himself the national average to live on. He spoke out about all forms of sleaze in the (then) Tory government and Labour opposition. He also said that Labour should clean up its own act, before it started on at other parties. I am sure he mentioned stones and glass hoses.
Honest people in politics make more enemies than crooks. Crooks feel safe amongst their own.
As mentioned, Mr Davies has said welcome to Gay Pride, Black History etc, but don't expect me to pay for them - oooh the enemies! He has also questioned the translation services for people who have lived in this country for years and refused to learn English. When in Rome.....
And he wants to derail the gravy train, by reducing the number of councillors. Enemies!!!
Good luck to him, I wish there were more like him.


  90 months ago
heard him on the radio yesterday and though he sounds a decent chap. shame others dont do the same. bet he doesnt claim expenses

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