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79 months ago

Do you think footballers get paid too much money?

I think the amount they get is scandolus. Some of the Premiership players are earning £100,000 a week! How can it be justified? I understand the revenue they bring in is huge but does kicking a ball around really justify that amount of money especially when our country is in dire need of finacial help. There are people who save lives every day, such as nurses, who take home a fraction of that a year! We have such huge wages being dished out weekly whilst many of the coun trys people are sitting on the poverty line.


  73 months ago
i think they get paid to much considering emergency services dont get no where near as much


  73 months ago
it's really hard to think about it but then again they are a few people who were called to something extra ordinary for a sport that is so famous


  73 months ago
Its ridiculous how much footballers are earning but the only reason doctors dont get the money they deserve and as much a footballers is because doctors dont have people paying to come and watch they perform.


  74 months ago
100% yes, but they have no time off except 6 weeks in the summer where they are under equipment. the clubs own the players lifes


  75 months ago
i think they should get payed as much whatever dont forget the training and promoting they do for the local community


  75 months ago
I understand that football players are paid a lot, but so are movie stars and pop stars, who also provide entertainment. That is just the way that market is. If you believe it is a problem, it is definetly not just limited to football players! They train very hard and move around with their job. That doesn't mean to say they aren't paid huge amounts, but it has to be put into perspective. It is true there are people on the poverty line, but that requires government action, not lowering of the football players' wages, because it would have no effect in this consumer society


  76 months ago
hi yes they do for kicking a ball about..hope you get points for 20opinions x


  76 months ago
I think they do get too much money as do entertainers it is ridiculous really .


  76 months ago
Nop..I dont think that they are paid for too much money. They are paid based on their talent and their skills in playing football. A better footballer for sure will be paid higher compare to other. A great footballer will make a team better and a better team will have a lot of fans and become really popular. The better team also will win competition and they're awarding with the great prize money. Talking about fans: they are willing to pay a really high price in order to watch the football matches. Normally the ticket will cost you around GBP35-GBP55 per person and normally a stadium can be fill up until hundred thousands of fans. Hence, can you imagine how much the football club earn per match they played. That's why the footballers are paid a high salary. However, I also thinking that they're pay too high. We should set up maximun wages but it will lead to disasters since talented footballers are no more interested to play for the team and might go to other team abroad. The club, the fans and many more will suffer from this. So, last but not least, for me-it's okay if they're paid high wages as long their skills are at the same values of the money paid to them.


  77 months ago
I am a football fan but I don't think the wages some footballers get can be justified, it's scandalous the amount they get paid to kick a ball around. It's not right that people who do good for society don't get the recognition they deserve like nurses and teachers, and people who are good at playing what is basically a game, can become millionaires in no time at all. I fully support the idea of a salary cap for footballers, it's spiralling out of control. So what if they do a lot of training? Nurses train throughout their career and get nothing.

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