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79 months ago

How can you tell which fence is your responsibility on a semi detached property (in the UK)?

I have been recently notified by my next door neighbour that fence between us, which has virtually fallen over, is my responsibility to repair. The horizontally boards face towards my neighbour, while the vertical posts are on my own side of the boundary, so I was under the impression that the fence was theirs. Any thoughts on this issue?


  79 months ago
There's no hard and fast rule. Check your deeds. You may have to go to your mortgage provider to do that, and they may charge you, as the mortgage provider usually holds the deeds until the mortgage is paid off in full (unless you took a sneaky photocopy when you bought the place).
Despite saying there is no hard and fast rule, it is normal when you build a fence to have the posts on the inside and the good face on the outside, so it looks like that fence was built by someone who previously owned your property, so unless they got it wrong it probably is your fence.


  79 months ago
I believe it's the fence to the right of your property as you look at it from the road. But, if you check your deeds (if you have bought the house) they should tell you. If not, ask the council or landlord.


  79 months ago
Check your deeds and look on your local council website. We had a similar problem and we took advice from the enviromental team at the council. We live in a semi-detached bungalow and we are responsible for the left side of the fence, with our backs towards our property. We always put the nicer side of the fence towards our neighbours, but I understand that there is no law that actually specifies this. There are a lot of properties around us, who put the posts facing their neighbours.Do your research before you agree to anything. This is always a tricky one. Good luck.


  79 months ago
You should check your deeds as the only sure way to find out. All our boundaries are shared which is unusual. As nicole says there is no legal need for you to pay even with shared fences. A neighbour can ask you to replace them but can't make you. With shared fences they can ask you to contribute but there is no law that says you must.

  79 months ago
You need to check your deeds. It should tell you clearly who is responsible for what side. We live in a detached house but share a fence with the family on our left and on our right. We are responsible for the fence on the right but not for the one on the left.
When I lived on my own, I owed a mid terraced and it was the same, the family on the left was responsible for the fence on the left hand side of my house and I was responsible for the right hand side.
Anyhow, I dont think there is a law where it says that you have to maintain your fence. Should you be responsible for the fence but cant affort to buy a new one, than tell him to feel free to buy a new fence and pay for it himself.
Quite a few people I know share the cost of the fence with their neigbours.
But like I said earlier, check your deeds to be 100% sure.
Hope this helps and good luck to sort this issue out!


  79 months ago
It should tell you on your deeds? All that I know is the fences in our street are on the right hand side with your back to the property belong to that property. I don't know if that is a common rule? Years ago you always put the best side of the fence facing your neighbour I am unsure if that rule still exists. I think they did it more out of politeness than a rule? Your neighbour may be trying it on seeing the fence has had it and needs replacing?

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