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70 months ago

Should Muslim Hijab be banned?

I think that everyone should be free to choose any way of life. One should not be forced in doing something. If Muslim women like to wear hijab due to their Islamic values then they should be permitted to do so. If they dont want to wear hijab they have the choice to choose whichever way of life they want to follow.


  67 months ago
this is britain though we must not forget that. i have no opinion of the hijab law but think that british values should be protected within britain - not others.


  68 months ago
sorry i must disagree here if we went to live in a muslim country we would respect there laws and wishes if we were expected to dress like them we would ablige as that is how we are polite and well mannered


  69 months ago
Nico1a : A Hoodie isn't something you'd wear out of love to your lord and may wear it out of love to fashion or a certain designer, but it is not the same as wearing a headscarf: which also has moral values behind it.
The Orthodox Jews in my family also wear a sort of headscarf and wear long skirts [Modest clothing]. I really find it unfair when people suddenly attack Islam alone...The Jewish and Christian people have a duty to stand up and defend Islam when it comes to this because there are similar teachings and VERY SIMILAR codes in all three religions: when one is punched, the others should feel the pain.


  70 months ago
no dont ban it its apart of there tradition if we tack that a way to them its a vail of marge if you take that away we could be taking away our big white wedings and stuff like that


  70 months ago
Im a muslim and like the other people have said i dont agree with banning it because its not causing anyone harm or anything. When the whole face is covered that i know i would hate it. Whenever i go out i just wear a scarf over my head and wear a long coat beyond the knees.
Firstly to wear a scarf is your own choice although it is strongly encouraged to do so. The point of it is to not attract attention to your beauty and to basically say look at me as a person and not as an object. Also there are different ways of being modest but basically you should cover your hear and not war tight fitting clothes.


  70 months ago
i think the hijab should not be banned in any country. It is a symbol of a muslim girls faith and it represents her modesty. The hijab is not causing any other person any kind of harm or threat. I think it is unfair that a girl is judged by her dress.. she should be encouraged by the public, her soceity in the decision she has made.. after all it is her religion and she would not be doing it unless she does not believe in it!.. I have seen many different types of people reacting in very different ways.. some people are very welcoming while others are strict and judgemental.. just imagine how the poor girl feels.. it is a free soceity and everybody is different and is allowed to have opinions and beliefs therefore the hijab is one aspect which shows our society has more turns.


  70 months ago
If you can ban British people from wearing hoddies in shopping centres in Britain, then I think you equally should be able to ban Muslims from wearing the Hijab too. It's equality after all.


  70 months ago
i dont believe in religion and have never done so but i believe other people still have the right to have religion so no i dont think the hijab should be banned as is is exactly the same as a head scarf which a non religious person would wear!, But a debate came up recently about an item called a burkka( if i spelt that right?) which covered the whole face, my responce to that was different as it brought up issues about terrorism,and woman being controlled by men which i defo dont agree with! i know some women who wear them actually have arnt criminals and being hit by their husbands and so it solely for religion but the fact that some women are scares me and as a non religious person i dont really care what people wear (as long as you wernt walking down the high street in a thong lol) so im on the bench about the burkkas but i defo would keep the hijab i dont even know why someone would want to ban them they dont do anything except look pretty on someones head???


  70 months ago
In my opinion it should be up to the person who wears the hijab we certainly should not be banning the hijab, lest we introduce a blanket policy of removing all elements of other religions from our public institutions, if you are referring to a blanket ban on the Hijab, then absolutely not!

maz 123

  70 months ago
Of course every one should feel free to wear whatever they wish to demonstrate their religious belief . We must always protect freedom to choose *

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