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80 months ago

why do men act like children

i had a row with my partner last night and he acted like a child, why do they do this?


  79 months ago
lol i have no idea, i think some men find it hard to grow up and let go, especially when a lot of there mates are still single and baggage free. i agree that maybe all men dont act like children but lets face it alot of them do, My bloke throws tantrums all the time and winges over everything.

my Opinion

  79 months ago
I don't actually for a second think that all men act like children, my husband doesn't act like a child, and i have also seen some men who never act like children, it all depend on what a woman throw at his man really, some of us women always want things to be done our own way and when the man refuses we start to nagg the man and because it is hard for most men to control their emotions we think they are being chidish whereas we are the one that put them in that situation,
The order day a woman and her partner came to a place i was before them and the man was the one pushing the pram, the woman was pregnant and they needed to be in a que, the man asked the woman to go and sit down while he joins the que but suprising the lady said to the man " you go and sit down now" as if he is her toddler. Before it was their turn to get the ticket the seats were all occupied and none of us was willing to stand up for her because her partner forsees it but she refused to heed to his advice.


  80 months ago
I don't believe all men act like children - i have to believe that because otherwise all hope would be lost lol!! I do think that often men behave with their wives like they did with their mothers (obviously not all the time) which is why they revert to being childish during an arguement. I think that many men don't deal with emotion very well and so the only other option is to 'throw a tantrum' which is very annoying for us women!! I hope you and your man have made up now :-)

Roger Wilson

  80 months ago
On the positive side we men are more prepared to release our inner child and releive the stresses of modern life. Some of the best women are also able to do this. Also some of us just take the mickey when we feel threatened to defray the situation. Perhaps someone has to be able to lighten the mood when situations get over strained. You should also consider transactional analysis which shows that in any given relationship there tends to be a parent child relationship going on. If one partner adopts the parent role then often the other partner will adopt the child role. These can be permanent roles or may change in different situations. For example if the car need fixing the man may often exert his "seniority" where the woman may often exert their "seniority" in the kitchen. Of course one or other partner may sometimes just be dominant amnd that is not good for anyone eh? Hope this helps. Roger


  80 months ago
Actually I would like to temper by saying that not all men act like this and to be honest my husband doesnt' act like a child. And I also know a number of women who, while not acting like children, act very immature and its all about getting their own way.
Most of the men I know though don't deal with emotion though because its seen as unmanly and is a societal thing and comes from upbringing usually.
I think also though women have made it very hard on men as they are often if they do and damned if they don't so they have learnt to just not say anything at all which we then take to mean they are sulking.


  80 months ago
Men cannot cope with their feelings as well as women can.


  80 months ago
Well, the easy reply would be to say that it's because they can, but it's not that easy. Over the past few generations the men have been shifted from their status and now that women have reached a place where they can afford to survive without men and many men are raised by indulgent women, society tells them that they don't have to grow up. How many men are out there banging away every weekend only to father children that they won't know of for years because 1) the woman doesn't need or want his input and 2) even if she did need and want his input she's seen him for what he is and doesn't think he's worth the trouble. We, as a society, have reached the point where it's each of us for ourselves and, given the option, it's much easier to not grow up, to indulge our whims as we can, and to separate ourselves from responsibility. I know a lot of mothers who do everything for their darling sons, completely ruining any chance the man's going to have of a healthy relationship because wives and girlfriends don't really have the time and patience to be their partners mothers, as well. It would be nice if men could be men, but how many men would choose to be?

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