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80 months ago

should horse riders be made to pick up thier horses poo on the roads?

being a horse rider myself and this will continue to carry on floating around.
i dont think we should as it is not that easy for horse riders as it is for dog owners.


  80 months ago
No, it goes into the roads and it isn't safe for the horses nor riders because I know some horses would go run off and endanger other people! Not clever!


  80 months ago
This could be somewhat tricky?! I am a keen equestrian myself and think that taking into account how much pooh a horse can produce it would mean carrying round huge black sacks and a shovel!!?
Also manure is not harmful(apart from being smelly)whereas dog mess is.


  80 months ago
It is still annoying when police horse riders don't clear it up - although I understand it is harder than picking up dogs'


  80 months ago
If it's in the way of a public footpath or near a school, playgound or elderly centre, i think an effort should be made to clear the obstruction if possible. there is nothing worse than 300 mums dads and kids avoiding horse poo at the school gate at my sons school. Even if it's scraped over to a nearby bush or tree it's out of the kids way.


  80 months ago
It would be impractical to go out horse riding with a bucket and shovel strapped to the back of the horse. At least most horse poo tends to be down country lanes or in the road so it is just driven over by cars. As we all know it is also good for the garden so does serve another purpose. Whereas dog and cat crap is disgusting, it stinks, ends up in childrens playgrounds and where cats are concerned in someone elses garden. Lets face it most dog owners do not clear up after their dog and that is much easier then cleaning up after a horse


  80 months ago
I suspect biddysue will have something to say on this one!! lol
I agree that it is unsafe to expect riders to clean up after their steeds. How you could safely carry a shovel for example would be an interesting one! Then there is the problem of dismounting and mounting up, which in some cases can be nigh on impossible without a mounting block.
The reason people are expected to clean up after dogs is because of the risk of toxacara which causes blindness in children especially. Which is why it surprises me that you are not expected to clean up after cats, who's poo can cause miscarriages in women!
Yes, horse poo is messy, but it is brilliant for your roses, and also rots down really quickly as it consists mainly of grass.
Any sensible ideas for enabling the collection of horse poo whilst out riding would be great, but I doubt really that it is feasible!


  80 months ago
yes i think that riders should pick it up, tbh i dont think riders should be on main roads at all anyway as it is very dangerous and can be lethal for drivers when a horse starts bolting out into the middle of the road.
but yes horse poo stinks and is vile and just as bad if not worse than dog mess as there is more of it. someone needs to clean it up so it should be the owner.
i can see it would be difficult to stop and pick it up but if the rider isnt going to clean it up who is? and it just making a stinky mess everywhere


  80 months ago
We get lots of horses through our village, it would be too dangerous for the riders to stop and clear up after them.
Only last week a horse was killed by a car about 1/2 a mile up the road, this is because a lot of the drivers seem to think the village is a race track and just won,t slow down.
I cycle to work and i think i become invisible to a lot of them.
Besides, the manure is great for the garden.


  80 months ago
Its not about ease though its about the other people's enjoyment of the footpaths, especially in suburban settings. In the area I live we are only 15 mins by car from London central, it is really built up and developed and people use the footpaths a lot and we have a riding school in the area that takes its horses up the sidewalks and drops poohs everywhere.
People have to use this road because there is a major high school on it and its a major route so we have to walk with the smell of the horse pooh and also having to make sure we don't step in it. Regardless of the ease of the horse rider to deal with it, we shouldn't have to have it in an area that isn't appropriate to be riding horses in the first place.
You can also get poop bags as they use on the horses in central park in New York etc which catches the pooh and means it never hits the ground, this would save the rider having to put the effort in to clean it up.
If it was rural I would say that its not an issue as you choose a rural setting and accept the animals and livestock issues but not in the city.


  80 months ago
No, I don't think they should have to. Horse poo is not nearly as revolting as dog mess, stinks less (not really unpleasant, even) since there's no meat in a horse's diet, and doesn't contain the same parasites and diseases that are harmful to people as dog mess does.
It is also hard to see how a horse rider could clean up after their horse. They might not be aware of what their horse is doing, and even if they were then could you really ask them to halt and shovel the mess off the road? Depending on where they were (e.g. close to a corner) stopping and cleaning the road could be very dangerous.
The alternative, hanging bags under horses bums, might just about be practical though it would look rather silly.
I'm not a horse rider by the way, though as a keen everyday cyclist I will admit to having a tendency to support the rights of other non-motorised road users.

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