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78 months ago

Does anyone remeber when freddos cost 5p?

I remeber when i was little and my grandad use to take me to the post office and he always bought me a cadbury freddo. They cost like 5p but now its 15p for that tiny chocolate bar, it's ridiculous. I'm not even old it was only like a couple of years ago. I wouldn't be suprised if in a couple of years they cost the same price as a normal chocolate bar: 40p.


  77 months ago
Ah, but in a few years larger choc bars will cost a good deal more than 40p! Freddo bars are great not just for kids but for us grownups who just want a tiny bit of choc and no more


  78 months ago
Freddos, I'd forgotten about those chunky little frog-shaped bars of chocolate but can only remember them being 10p. One sure sign I'm getting older is that I keep comparing the price of confectionery now to what it was when I was a kid. Sixpence used to go a long way in the sixties, but it's only the equivalent of two and a half new pence I think. We'd get a paper bag full of sweets like blackjacks and fruit salads (four for an old penny), candy shrimps and white chocolate mice for sixpence but what can you buy now for less than 10p? Not much. Sure I got this from my mum and dad, though, who were constantly converting new money prices back to old - they'd say stuff like '10p for a Mars Bar? That's two shillings - daylight robbery!' or words to that effect. And my dad was disgusted when petrol went up to 50p a gallon and ranted on about it being the equivalent of ten shillings and what you could get for ten shillings - lol! Bless im.


  78 months ago
I used to buy them for my children when they were 10p never 5p (My eldest is 20) .


  78 months ago
You want to be as old as me then. I can remember when you could get a bar of cadbury's the same size as a wildlife bar for one old penny, that's equal to about one third of 1p.


  78 months ago
No not 5p but I remember when they were 10p, it does seem a little rediculous to be spending 15p on such a small bar of chocolate

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