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  83 months ago

Do you think the Dukes of Hazard re-runs should be brought back to TV?

I think this is political correctness run amuck! I don't recall anything in the show that could possibly be conceived as racist. During the time that show was filmed, the Confederate flag was viewed by many Southerners as a part of their heritage and that would have been the view of Bo and Luke. Yes, I understand that at the same time, the KKK was using the flag as a symbol of hate but that was never conveyed by the show.


  82 months ago
yeah, I miss it


  83 months ago
I'm from the UK so was a little confused about this until I looked it up. I believe an American cable channel has pulled the re-runs? They gave the reason it was because of the flag on the car. Now, from what I know the Confederate Battle Flag was carried by the army of the Confederacy during the American Civil War and it could be argued that they were fighting for 'states rights' and the freedom to secede from the Union (as was their right under the US Constitution). Trouble is, I believe the Confederate Battle Flag has been 'hijacked' by right-wing extremists and that's what's causing all the problems. There have been times when such groups have hijacked the British 'Union' Flag or the Cross of St. George of England. Thankfully we appear to be reclaiming our flags from the racists and can only suggest that the former Confederate states of the USA do the same and emphasise Heritage rather than hatred. Banning something only drives it underground.


  83 months ago
That would be great. Take the politcal correctness nonsense and bring back the borderline brain-dead southerners (so much like the people I grew up with, I was born in Mississippi) and have a bit of a laugh. If they can't take a joke, stuff 'em.


  83 months ago
Come only want to see Daisy Duke in those shorts again!! I do agree that there is yet another round of mass hysteria in the USA. Suppose they will ban 'Gone with the Wind' next as it is a southern based film.


  83 months ago
Edited highlights featuring Daisy alone would be welcome in the male quarters of Bickler Towers.


  83 months ago
They are burning predominantly Black churches in the South of america since the shootings. The KKK is sadly on the rise again. Any association with racial hatred which these low lifes use needs to be banned,and the use of this symbol of hatred needs to be consigned to the dustbin so the South can deal with the bigots.
Just because the "Dukes of hazard had a Black friend does not excuse the program which had blatant references to support Race hatred.
The way it was read by racists was three dumb white people and a dumb blond femal supported blacks.


  83 months ago
I can only remember the name, can't remember the programme itself.


  83 months ago
As a tv show for entertainment, I have no problems with it. The flag has a history for many reasons , some negative, some positive and that applies to many things, including flagsm symbols. So whislt there are individuals whom are doing offensive, horrible and disgusting things using various symbols, we should not remove them in this nature.


  83 months ago
I noticed the other day that they're still showing "On The Buses", which in my view is far more offensive than the Dukes of Hazzard.


  83 months ago
Craig Charles is more racist commentating over Takeshi's Castle lol

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