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  115 months ago

What are those tiny little black bugs in my kitchen cupboard, and how do I get rid of them?

I've had to buy lots of airtight boxes to put my sugar, flour and rice etc in because its not nice finding creepies in your food. I've washed all the cupboards down with disinfectant, and dried them thoroughly, but the little blighters keep oming back. My daughter found some in her wardrobe, so I checked mine, and sure enough, there they were! I dust and hoover regularly, and keep the place relatively tidy. Its driving me mad! I can't use some insecticides because of the finches and cockatiels, but I'd be grateful for any ideas to blast them away!!


  115 months ago
Hi sue I am not sure if you have these as you have not given a description of their size but if they are very very small they may be flour weevils. We had an infestation of them when we first moved in here. They apparently live in bags of flour, cereals etc . We had hundreds in our cupboards and I too washed down all surfaces, cupboards and threw out all my food not in tins for fear of any being left. In order to ensure they were gone we had a friend who works in termite extermination in to spray. However as you cannot do that with the animals I would suggest just keeping all food in the boxes as you are doing and hope you get them all till they die out. Always check your food coming in from the supermarket cause we got our from rice from Sainsbury’s.. Our friend said they are on the increase. My aunt in Scotland has also had them a few times and now she always empties all cereals, flour, biscuits into containers when she gets them home.. time consuming and dreadfully annoying but it seems to be all you can do. Good luck and look them up on the web for info, Take care Inzil xx

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