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  86 months ago

tips on getting 4 year to bed and to sleep - thanks in advance

getting my son to his bedroom is not the issue its getting him to not play and to go to sleep at a reasonable time :(


  86 months ago
my son has been in a routine since he was very young. from the word go he never had any toys in his room. my rule was bedrooms are for sleeping and I wanted him to understand this by not allowing him to play in there in the first place. He has always had a set bedtime at 7 pm. at 630 we get pj's on brush teeth and have a story and he's in bed going to sleep by 7. when I first put him in to his bed I had a safety gate on his door so he couldn't leave his room. The first week he kept getting out of bed and I just kept taking him back and putting him back in bed, not talking to him just put him back and leave and kept doing that until he stayed in bed and re realised I wasn't going to give in. After about a week of this he started staying in bed and has done ever since. he's 6 now and he does have toys in his room now and does play in his room now but he understands that he isn't allowed to play at bedtime now. my baby boy is 1 and he has the same bedtime routine as his brother he is still in and cot at the moment but he doesn't have any toys in his room and has and set bedtime at 7 pm aswel and neither of them leave there rooms till 7 am unless my son needs the toilet x


  86 months ago
I too have had this problem in the past, my kids are a bit older now but still want to read, play or draw at bedtime. I have no issue at this stage. In the past I have made bedtime earlier so they can do these activities, or I have read to them. When I heard them scuffling about I would give them a warning, ie 'if you continue to do .... I will remove .... from your room. Children will always try and push the boundaries, but as a parent you have to be firm. The second you don't follow up on a 'threat' they know they can get away with it. Stay strong and firm without getting cross, easier said then done I know.

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