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98 months ago

Toluna surveys

I keep getting surveys from Toluna, almost every day and when I go into the survey they tell me that it has been closed although I am pretty quick to answer their E.Mail with the survey on. Also I answer quite a lot of questions on some of there surveys and then they tell me that i am not part of the target group and they want a different user profile, why send it to me in the first place. It is annoying when you give so much information to them and they dont want you. They must glean quite a bit of information for nothing. I belong to another survey site that gives you 10 points even if they dont want you. Maybe Toluna should do this and they wouldnt keep sending surveys that they dont want you for. I would like to know your opinions on this


  98 months ago
Yeah this happens to me too. thay ask your gender age work area you come from half a dozen other questions you think you,re in and then they close you out. Annoying


  98 months ago
Couldn't agree more. I often complete up to 50 per cent just to find out that my opinion's not needed any more. Other companies give out at least some points for attempting but not qualifying for the survey, so why not ToLuna too?


  98 months ago
Yes I have to agree with you.. it would be a nice token from Toluna if they gave a minimum number of points for attempting to answer a survey. As it is I seem not to have to answer too any questions before being screened out of some however the other day I received one, answered all the questions and when I went to submit it got an error page!.So no points and I have e-mailed Toluna using the link for technical difficulties given on the survey and had it returned twice stating postal error!. Beggers belief. take care Inzil xx

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