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  55 months ago

Do children still get vaccinations at school?

When I was at school we had the Polio dose on a sugar cube and the TB via a needle. That was so painful that the School Nurse had a problem getting the rest of the queue to go and get theirs. Is this still the case or has it been considered not too important any more. (Will admit that I was at School more that forty plus years ago!)


  55 months ago
Children do still get vaccinations at school. However, they no longer give polio via a sugar cube. Instead between the ages of 13 - 18 (normally 16) they get given a three-in-one vaccination for diphtheria, tetanus and polio.
TB vaccination is no longer given as a routine/standard vaccination due to the low cases of TB. However, if a child comes into contact with TB or there is a TB scare in their area, then they will be given the TB vaccination. TB is also offered to certain at risk groups, such as pregnant woman, people with long-term illnesses and carers.
There are now two extra vaccinations given at school. Girls at around 12-13 years old will get the HPV vaccine, which is to help to protect against cervical cancer - this vaccine actually involves giving girls three vaccines over the space of six months. The other vaccine is the meningitis C booster given around 13 to 15 years old (the original vaccine is normally given at 3 months, with two boosters given at 1 year old and then 13-15 years old).


  55 months ago
Sugar cubes are still used with polio vaccinations, as far as I'm aware, but polio isn't common in the UK anymore, like it was during and after the war.


  55 months ago
Yes, they do, but not everyone gets a TB jab. I was too old for sugar cubes, but remember testing positive for TB, so I had to have a chest xray.


  55 months ago
My son is an adult now, so don't really know what they do at schools. I still remember the scratch on my arm. I don't remember a sugar cube. So no idea what they do.

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