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  97 months ago

Would you leave an established career 'for a change', knowing you may never be able to get the job back?

I feel like doing a bit of a 'Trainspotting' (without the drugs...) & leaving the usual job, house, car (all I feel lucky to have) etc and choosing another life, albeit 'on the road'. I've always been happier when I've gone for a few weeks at a time, but a bit different when you have to live it! However, my wife is happy as it is... She is willing to follow whatever I choose, but I still need to consider her preference as much as mine. The days out & holidays are just no longer enough to lessen the monotony of the job, no matter what mindset I begin with. And now I appear to be drinking more..... I shouldn't need any escapism with the relatively good life I lead. I should feel blessed, with all the less happier people about, but there are plenty of others in a better position also. I don't like ruts!!!


  97 months ago
Many thanks for all your feedback, it's been very helpful.


  97 months ago
I've experienced periods of having 'itchy feet' all my life so totally understand how you're feeling. Your wife sounds very supportive so if there is some way to achieve this while maintaining something to fall back on then you should give it a go. If you own your own house maybe you could let it out, just sell the car and live off your savings until you work out how to make ends meet while you experience freedom. The nearest I came to this was spending 3 months of a kibbutz in Israel when I was 21 and it was an amazing experience. I'm now at the other end of my life and am hoping when I eventually retire to go and live in the sun for a few years. You only get one life so you have to live it to the full.


  97 months ago
If you can afford to you may as well. Personally I haven't got a career to leave, and no money to travel, so I tend to think you should do whatever makes you happiest... while you can.


  97 months ago
No I wouldn't, I was a nose to the grindstone merchant and freewheeled during the holidays, when I was never at home. Long term security for myself and my family was more important than anything


  97 months ago
Do I hear a longing for adventure?
I think that what you are saying is that you have security in your present job , but it is probably the same activity day in and day out ? It is not fulfilling enough in itself and you want to address the balance. Maybe it is not creative enough or it doesn't challenge you any more ?
Changing jobs , especially in the current climate, needs careful consideration because of the finances etc. It's one thing to leave but what are you going to?
How about writing a list of what skills you are using now and what skills you are not able to use. Identify what you feel you are missing out on. Could they be put to use in some charity somewhere where you would feel more useful and meet more people whilst hanging on to your job and addressing the balance you need.
Or Is there a talent you want to develop that may lead you to another kind of occupation?
I went from an office job to teaching . The first helped me to overcome shyness and get confidence. The second was more creative, and no two days were ever the same....
All the best!


  97 months ago
Perhaps take to trying to write a novel in your spare time? That would give you something different to do - including possible research into facts and would also allow you to mentally escape whilst still being able to do your day job. In the current financial climate, if you leave a job for what a future employer might deem to be a spurious reason, you might render yourself unemployable to some great extent. Can you change activities within your organisation at all?
A neighbour left his good IT position to try his hand at self employment and started a car air conditioning business. It did not work and he now cannot get back into his former position and does part time handy work jobs, like assembling flat pack furniture, to make ends meet. Think very carefully about this.....specially if you have a mortgage or need to pay rent....


  97 months ago
never (besides, I love my job!)

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