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  57 months ago

Iphone 5s vs. Iphone5c.
Which one is better?
What's the difference?


I have no clue to what the difference is besides that the Iphone 5c comes in a choice of colorful colors, the 5s has finger print recognition, but what will happen if you get a cut on your finger, will it still recognise your finger print or will it think your a different persons finger.


  57 months ago
Not much difference, really. Very pretty, but both grossly over-priced for what they are. Never mind, wait a year and along will come another to throw your money away on.


  57 months ago
They are all shite all you need is phone calls, texts and a camera. What the hell good is T'interweb on a 3" screen all it does is run down the battery then when you have an emergency and need to phone the bloody battery will be flat.
if you want mobile interweb get a tablet or netbook something with a 7 or 8 inch screen that wont damage your eyesight


  57 months ago
No idea, but I can tell you that in view of their workers rights issues, I will never use Apple products.


  57 months ago
Depends on weather you want a colour phone or more phone gadgets, i know what i would go for!! there are loads of coloured iphone cases out there that would give you the same look, i see on Yahoo that someone has already thrown one on eBay for £2000.


  57 months ago
They all seem to have problems - sticking to LG or Nokia!


  57 months ago
Why don't you take a look at the Apple website where you will find all you need to know about the two new phones, the 5C is made from plastic and only has a few new gimmicks but the 5S has more gimmicks including the finger print scanner which you can use to pay for goods as well as ideal for those who want to keep there phone locked as you can now unlock it with your finger print, this is excellent in stopping theft as it will probably only work for that user,

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