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  119 months ago

What do you think about the legal of age to leave school in England being raised to 17?

I have an 11 year old who went up to secondary school last week so he will be the first children to have to stay in school until 17. I knew the government were thinking about raising the age to 18 but that was the last i heard. The next thing i know the age is now 17 and i only knew about this by hearing it on the news. As a parent with a child that this affects i think it is disgusting that we havent had any formal notification either from the government or from the education authority. My children both intend to go to college so it wont be a problem but what does everyone else think??


  118 months ago
If kids are actually getting a beneficial education then I'm sure increasing the leaving age just means getting more education. For a lot of children that the system is failing, it's just one more year of skiving off school, being disinterested in what the teacher is trying to teach them (sorry, 'help them learn') and, if the school's really unlucky, disruptive and possibly violent behaviour.
I don't believe that changing the school leaving age will of itself benefit anybody (except whoever's responsible for keeping down the numbers of kids who're neither in education nor employment). The education system itself needs to be radically overhauled. Oh and maybe an attitude change from the parents of children who are happy to let their kds mouth off at and attack their educators.
If you're a child that isn't into the academic side of life and would just like to learn how a trade, that's another year wasted before you can actually become an apprentice/join the family trade. Oooh, don't get me started! ;-)


  118 months ago
The age will be increased to 18 for those who start secondary school in 2 or 3 years time the government have said. Forcing kids to stay in education will be beneficial. The gap between those who go to university and those who don't is increasing dramatically. Those who go to uni will stay on anyway, but those who don't can now use those extra two years to take part in the diplomas the government has brought out and learn some practical skills for working after leaving school.


  119 months ago
it seems a bit mean, although i dont think kids know what to do with their future at 16/17 and dont really appreciate the value of education at that age. how will that work with gscse's and a -levels


  119 months ago
I suppose it is alright in principal but I do wonder what they will be expected to do during that time, and upto leaving school the year after? All pupils will be taking their GCSEs the year before they leave school now and that is fine for the ones who have decided to stay on for A levels ,but I just wonder what the other children will do when they have decided that they do not want to take their education any further. Up to then some of the school leavers would have started apprentice ships for jobs and then started their training at the technical college for day release. it is a shame that these pupils will have to waste a year before taking up their career.


  119 months ago
i think its good but kids who act like yobs fail at school and fail at life. aren't going to suddenly become useful members of society. with a extra year of forced schooling.
more education the betters what i say.
if only these chavs appreciated it abit more

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