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92 months ago

What star sign were you born under

What star sign were you born under and do you beleive the star sign you were born under affects the way of your life? My star sign is Scorpio and my husbands is Cancer and we have been happily married for over forty years do you think this has something to do with the star signs that we were both born under or do you think that we were just lucky enough to meet the right person at the right time or do you not think that the time of your birth has anything to do with your being happy or unhappy and horoscopes are just a load of rubbish? I really would be interested in all your different opinions on this subject.


  91 months ago
piecse and i am a mad fish true to my birth sign i always live near water always on the move


  92 months ago
I am a Taurus and some people would call me a typical Taurean. I am big, loving, loyal and I like my food, oh and I'm full of bull!!! My wife is a Leo and boy has that cat got claws!!! As for horoscopes, I always read mine every day to see what is supposed to be happening to me, alas none of the good stuff every seems to come true. Mind you a few years ago, when I was 15 we were all packed and waiting to go on holiday and we were dependent on being able to get the tickets we had been promised. It was all a bit touch and go. The morning of the holiday came and we still had not heard anything. On reading my dads horoscope is said that today would be a good day for travel and my mums said that she would soon be travelling far. Within an hour we got a phone call to say that the tickets were waiting for us at Heathrow Airport and we needed to get there within the next two hours. We got our holiday in Sri Lanka and it was great.


  92 months ago
i am a scorpio and my husband is capricorn i have been told that this is a good match and supposed to be very compatible but i think it is just luck we have been married 32 years with hardly any arguments i do not really believe in horoscopes as i think whatever is going to happen to you will happen as it is what is meant for you and it cannot be changed and horoscopes are not meant to be taken seriously but they are ok to read just for a laugh but ,some people will not leave the house until they read their horoscope for the day and i think that is going a bit to far.


  92 months ago


  92 months ago
I am Pisces with Taurus rising. My husband is a Virgo, which in theory does not make us a good match but here we are 12 years later! My mother is also Pisces but even though we are similar in some ways, we are also quite different in a lot of other ways. And this is what makes me doubt that astrology is believable. Both my mother and I can read a horoscope for Pisces and find ourselves in it. So why is it true for both of us as we are so different? By reading them, I did realise that all horoscopes are very general and a lot of people can find a little bit that does apply to them. However, my husband is a pure Virgo and he matches the description very well. So I am not fully decided, I just am not 100% convinced.


  92 months ago
I was born under Aries being the Ram in the year of the Tiger which according to most astro books makes me driven, head strong and confident. Its sort of right but then again when I read through all the star signs I have little bits of other ones as well so don't necessarily believe that your star sign determines your personality because as others have seen in other horoscope topics if it did then there would be heaps of other people out there exactly the same as me and have yet to meet one even though I know people born under the same star sign and year. Your life, personality and character (I believe) are influenced on your dna and the characteristics you inherit from your parents which can include pessimism and also on your life which shapes you and moulds you into the person you are.


  92 months ago
I too am a Scorpio with Libra rising and my moon sign is Sagittarius. I do believe that the position of the stars at the moment of birth does influence your personality and also events in your life. If I read a general horoscope in a magazine or newspaper I take it with a pinch of salt, it is just a very general reading. I do believe in having a proper astrological chart drawn up by a professional astrologer and this really can be accurate in many ways. But astrology is not "fortune telling" like having your palm read or having a crystal ball reading. It is much more complicated and much more scientific. Many leaders of men throughout history have used astrologers to predict events and the possible outcome of specified actions for them. I do believe a professional astrologer can be very accurate when preparing and interpreting a personal natal chart. These readings not only take into consideration the position of the sun at birth, both also the position of the moon and the planets. I have had personal readings done and they have proved to be very accurate. I am married to an Aries and have been for over 36 years now, we also are very happy and settled together. I believe everyone has a soul-mate. I am lucky that I found mine. Today's young people do not seem to have the patience to wait for theirs to come into their lives. I do not believe it is all a load of rubbish. I do believe that a professional reading of your own natal chart is the way to go, and not believe all that is written in generalised "horoscopes" in the the papers and magazines.

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