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  119 months ago

What star sign were you born under

What star sign were you born under and do you beleive the star sign you were born under affects the way of your life? My star sign is Scorpio and my husbands is Cancer and we have been happily married for over forty years do you think this has something to do with the star signs that we were both born under or do you think that we were just lucky enough to meet the right person at the right time or do you not think that the time of your birth has anything to do with your being happy or unhappy and horoscopes are just a load of rubbish? I really would be interested in all your different opinions on this subject.


  119 months ago
I am Pisces with Taurus rising. My husband is a Virgo, which in theory does not make us a good match but here we are 12 years later! My mother is also Pisces but even though we are similar in some ways, we are also quite different in a lot of other ways. And this is what makes me doubt that astrology is believable. Both my mother and I can read a horoscope for Pisces and find ourselves in it. So why is it true for both of us as we are so different? By reading them, I did realise that all horoscopes are very general and a lot of people can find a little bit that does apply to them. However, my husband is a pure Virgo and he matches the description very well. So I am not fully decided, I just am not 100% convinced.

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