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  96 months ago

Were you able to make real money online?

I make money on the internet does not work, if you have experience in this study tell us.


  93 months ago
I make a little less than $200 a year with Toluna, gift cards from my points, gift cards from opinionsquare and a few others.


  94 months ago
Well, nothing extraordinary -I use Toluna and a couple of other survey sites. If you want a full-time joib, you should posssess some relevant knowledge and experience.


  96 months ago
Not this way!! For survey companies etc.: £500ish pa, of which Toluna contributes vouchers worth £175. Several other survey companies together generate a little more ~£200 pa again as vouchers, then a few more pay 'real money' to my bank ~£100, and finally, a few pay PayPal. Mystery shopping often pays for the product/perk & the travel expenses. The perks being mostly KFC or pizzas ( if considered at face value add about £600 pa :). The time spent on these activities is all arguably slave labour, unless like me you enjoy train travel in and around London or other cities.
If you want to seriously profit, then you're better to set up a website with some interesting attractive subject that gets it listed high on search engines, then also carry paid-for linking (if that's what they call it) so you earn while you sleep - I think that's really essential for proper income!


  96 months ago
no not reall money just small amounts like toluna dont know how do that


  96 months ago
The only way to make REAL money from Surveys, is through the Prize Draws.
Consider everything else as just a perk, that may or may not pay for all the electricity and computer time you use completing surveys.


  96 months ago
Hi RodnovaLV ..... Like Lollipop73 I do a lot of surveys for various survey sites. I will never make a fortune from Internet Surveys but I do 'earn' enough throughout the year to pay for 90% of the Christmas presents I buy as well as household items and a few treats :O)


  96 months ago
There used to be a member, on here, that regularly "claimed" that he was routinely "earning" four (4) vouchers per month. Surprisingly, or not, I have not heard his boasts for some time! At present I am banking about 300 points per week, from Quick Polls, as I refuse to do the "Mickey Mouse" surveys for less than 5000 points! At that rate my points will be forfeited before I have enough for a pay-out.


  96 months ago
You can make money with surveys but it is slow going

hippo hippo

  96 months ago
I have been doing various online surveys and other such sites for around 2 years now and have averaged just over £1.50 per day in paypal, amazon and other such vouchers. I have to say that toluna used to be a big contributor to the money making opportunities, but over the last 3-4 months (since the website change co-incidentally) it has been poor and I rarely qualify for anything... swagbucks is good though - anyone want an in:

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