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  118 months ago

How long do you keep your makeup products?

Foundation and concealer
After you’ve opened the bottle, you can keep these around for 12 months-- max. When air hits a product, especially one that’s water-based, bacteria starts to form immediately. If the liquid starts to smell funny or separate before 12 months time, drop it in the trash.

Mascara and liquid liner
Every time you coat your lashes with the mascara wand or liner brush and dip it back into the product, you're spreading bacteria. Be strict with yourself about replacing these products every four months, even if they’re not empty or you risk an eye infection.

Pencil eye and lip liner
If you sharpen your pencils every two to three weeks, which is the best way of “cleaning” them, you can keep a pencil around for up to three years.

Pressed powder
Eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, and face powders can last up to two or three years if you keep them closed and dry. If you notice dark spots or bumps, it’s time to discard.

Lipstick with a wax-based formulation can last up to four years. A creamy lipstick can last two years at the most. If a lipstick is dry, crumbly, or has a dubious scent-- you know what to do.

Lip gloss
Gloss has a much shorter shelf life than lipstick-- one year. To extend the life of your glosses, use a makeup brush to apply them instead of your finger. You’ll add another year as you’re keeping the bacteria away.


  118 months ago
I wear very little makeup. I buy what I need and no more. so most of the time it is used up after a couple monthes.


  118 months ago
I only buy lip gloss out of that list and it never lasts a year.


  118 months ago
I keep my makeup until I've used it all up or I've got fed up with it. Guess it is a real bio-hazard inside my makeup bags!


  118 months ago
Ah, good to know. To be honest I'm not someone who wears make up, only very rarely on special occasions. I have a little make up bag in the bathroom and everything in it was bought when I was a teenager, and I'm now 31, so guessing I should probably chuck it then...!


  118 months ago
I dont wear alot of makeup and the makeup i have i have no reason to store .


  118 months ago
It looks like I'm doing well, according to these rules. I don't use a lot of makeup, but admit that I am a bit ignorant about the shelf life of makeup products, except mascara.


  118 months ago
There is no one at my home , my wife hardly use anything of such products.


  118 months ago
I hardly ever use makeup.. so mine is ancient.. guess any bacteria would have died of starvation by the time I used it again. :D


  118 months ago
I keep my make up FOREVER, just like my mum! I am very artistic and find creative ways to use up crumbling makeup - i have mixed lip gloss with foundation before and nail varnish! I love make up and it is really good fun. I recently tried some falsh eyelashes as I am convinced that my eyelashes are falling out - along with my hair - I definitely need Baldireparan - my hair will not grow back and I have even smudged mascara across my eyebrows! I love experimenting and give thanks to God on a daily basis for what he has given me - thus I keep my make up for absolutely ever as God does not like me to be wasteful. I would have to say ten hail marys if I were to throw any of my precious make up in the bin!!!


  118 months ago
i dont really wear make up so i dont need to keep it !
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