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  73 months ago

DWP - Home visit about ESA

I had a phone call today from the DWP, they want to come and visit me at home about my ESA. I do not know why, maybe its because I am somewhat agoraphobic. I even pressed the caller for details and she said that they haven't got my file as its still in Birmingham and she was calling from Nottingham. Maybe it could be because of all the letters I have sent to my MP about the DWP and ATOS and so they are after revenge LOL. Anybody else had a home visit.


  73 months ago
It seems to me that until ATOS not longer get commission for passing people fit for work things are not going to change. When and why did the DWP stop believeing GP's and specialists about the health of their patients? The government seem to want to trust GP's with managing their own finances so why they not trust them in the area of their expertise - medicine. Granted there are some people who swing the lead but I am sure the percentage is very small. I would think the money spent on the ATOS reviews could be better spent elsewhere.


  73 months ago
I have agoraphobic and depression and have been found fit for work!!!


  73 months ago
my sister had one of these last year, she said all they wnted was to check she was on the right benefit, she never heard anything from them


  73 months ago
think sue,claire and the others have given you excellent advice x good luck.At least you wont be in some horrible impersonal office,and you are on your own territory X


  73 months ago
Just make sure you answer their questions honestly, and fully. If you can, have someone there taking notes of what you are asked and what your replies were. Or ask if you can record the interview if you have the facilities to do this - a dictaphone will do the job. You would have to ask in advance for this though.
Good luck with the interview, and try not to worry about it.


  73 months ago
do not worry about it they cannot say anything over the phone as its data protection as to be fair you could have been any one i am sure all will be explained atg the visit


  73 months ago
The DWP do conduct home visits quite often for people who have difficulty leaving the house or where it is more convenient for them to see you at home. I know that the appeal service is based in Birmingham. If you have written to the DWP or engaged with them in any way via letter, this may be the reason they are coming to visit you at home. Your MP may have passed on your concerns. Do not worry about it but definitely have a friend or family member with you. Get someone you trust to be with you when the DWP call. Above all, don't let the DWP stress you out. You always have the right of appeal against any decision they make and contact the Citizens Advice Bureau advice line to find out what help they can give you. Don't be afraid to contact the DWP direct to find out more about what is going on so that you are not worrying. They would have left a telephone number, or on any paperwork regarding your benefit, so find out more so that you are not worrying. I wish you all the best and keep the Toluna members up to date!


  73 months ago
Hi I've been on ESA for several years as I have ME. I had to have a meeting at the job centre Tuesday this week, I think they are meeting everyone . Ive got to choose to go on one of two plans which is a weekly meeting to try and help me manage my condition and develop new skills. I guess your meeting will be a bit different because of your condition. My advice would be get a friend or relative to be with you at the meeting, if there isn't anyone you can ask get in touch with the Citizens advice bureau and ask them if there is a advocacy program/ charity in your area who can help. They are only human and most would be compassionate. I won't say don't worry, because that's impossible but if you want to chat leave me a message. good luck. Take care love Tizzely


  73 months ago
Oh dear... very worrying and stressful for you.... But so long as you aren't "on the fiddle" (and I'm sure you aren't, given the horrors of agoraphobia), then you should have nothing to worry about....
A friend of mine had a similar visit a few weeks ago, and worried herself silly - but it turned out to be a "basic check". Keep smiling!


  73 months ago
Hi - I just want to wish you good luck for the visit from the Spanish Inquisition. Let us know how you get on, eh?
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