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Ragdoll Lady

  79 months ago

Could you survive without central heating and hot water during the winter months?

Two years ago our heating and hot water system broke down and we couldnt afford to get it fixed. We had the autumn and winter months without any central heating or hot water. We had to boil all our water on the stove or in the kettle and had to have a full wash standing in about two inches of water in the bath. Bliss was once a week sitting in the bath and having your partner constantly pouring saucepans of hot water over you. It reminded us of cowboy times (just hope we didnt smell like we had been on the range for a couple of months)! We wore layers of clothes around the house and thick socks and fingerless gloves. We made sure all the curtains were closed at dusk and only put on the electric fire and the heater lent to us in the lounge at night. We would go to bed early and huddle under the electric blanket which really did keep us warm.
The hardest thing was getting the washing dry or wet days when I had to rig up a clothes horse indoors and put the electric fire on.
We survived it with fairly good humour and it makes you realise how lucky you are to have a warm house with hot water. But only 60 years ago most homes only had ascot heaters for hot water and coal fires.
Do you think you could survive a winter with no central heating and no hot water on demand?


  79 months ago
I am not sure but if I had to I suppose I would - I will be keeping my fingers crossed that I do not have to cross that bridge. I think like you it would be missing washing myself thoroughly and getting the washing dry that would be the hardest.


  79 months ago
Brrrrrrrr no chance!!! .


  79 months ago
well first thing i would like to say is no i couldnt but if i had too for a few days out of no choice then i would but it is hard not been out from it longer than few days and i agree central heating is taken for granted


  79 months ago
No way! I am too much of a whimp and can easily get cold. I struggle then to warm up and I become a miserable person.


  79 months ago
i could probably survive without heating as you can always wrap up - also i live in a cottage so even with the heating on it is cold!


  79 months ago
I've lived without central heating the past 2 winters. The reason being i cannot afford all my bills plus gas on top of it and i'll be without central heating again this winter. I just have to wear layers of clothes and sit in a blanket. However i do have a lovely hot shower so during the winter i make sure i have as many showers as possible during the day lol. I always think there are people that are sleeping rough with nothing so really i have a lot to be thankful for.


  79 months ago
i lived in a caravan for 2 years,a bit of a battered one at that !,and in winter the gas used to freeze sometimes,so no heating,didnt have a running water supply,but the farmer whose land i was on was brilliant,he used to bring some water up to me when the tap in the field froze and ran an extension lead for about quater of a mile from one of his sheds to my caravan,so at least i could have a little heat and electricity so i could boil some water,i have to admit i enjoyed being there even in the harsh times and the farmer was a great help and a really good person and he wouldn`t accept a penny from me which was very humbling.i just put many layers of clothing on lived on stews and tea.


  79 months ago
If it were a must i think we could survive without heating with jumpers.socks.gloves ect but we would not be able to function without hot water with 3 small children and ourselves. hopefully it will never be a problem for us although we are having to be so much more careful with using the heating lately due to costs! x


  79 months ago
I have survived the past 5 years without hot water or heating of any kind. I bought a falling apart house and all the funds we had went on the renovation and heating was the last thing to do. We had to cook with 2 saucepans on a camping stove and boil water for washing up the same way. Didnt have a bath or shower so couldnt wash unless it was water in a bowl and a flannel. Did that for 4 years and then when house done i couldnt afford to put heating on as the utility bills and food took all my income. I became ill unfortunately and have to survive on benefits and get no help with anything financially as i am not old enough LOL. Do have the luxury of a bath once a week but thats about it. Heating is available but does not go on, its 5 layers of clothes, outdoor coat hat and gloves INDOORS i am afraid until i am old enough to qualify for heating allowance.I suffered from hypethermia in the past 4 years and have been told to heat the house, yeah, in your dreams LOL.
..I think with the cost of energy today there are going to be a lot of people SHIVERING i will be one of them. I just hope too many dont go down with hypothermia and die
YES can survive without hot water and warmth but its NOT easy


  79 months ago
I could never do without water or heating during the winter
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