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Ragdoll Lady

  79 months ago

Could you survive without central heating and hot water during the winter months?

Two years ago our heating and hot water system broke down and we couldnt afford to get it fixed. We had the autumn and winter months without any central heating or hot water. We had to boil all our water on the stove or in the kettle and had to have a full wash standing in about two inches of water in the bath. Bliss was once a week sitting in the bath and having your partner constantly pouring saucepans of hot water over you. It reminded us of cowboy times (just hope we didnt smell like we had been on the range for a couple of months)! We wore layers of clothes around the house and thick socks and fingerless gloves. We made sure all the curtains were closed at dusk and only put on the electric fire and the heater lent to us in the lounge at night. We would go to bed early and huddle under the electric blanket which really did keep us warm.
The hardest thing was getting the washing dry or wet days when I had to rig up a clothes horse indoors and put the electric fire on.
We survived it with fairly good humour and it makes you realise how lucky you are to have a warm house with hot water. But only 60 years ago most homes only had ascot heaters for hot water and coal fires.
Do you think you could survive a winter with no central heating and no hot water on demand?


  77 months ago
alas i do not have central heating in my flat, as i have economy 7 storage heating, which is not that great as it tempermental with the heat. and also not that cheap to run despite what they all say. and i have an electric shower to for hot water. though saying that my emersion heater has died so i can not get hot water in the flat. I would love to have central heating but alas i cannot affor to do so as yet. As my mom had it and there was one winter when the boiler died so we did not have heating or hot water so it was not nice at all we had to resort to staying over at friends until the boiler was fixed as it just happen to be snowing at the time so it not nice when it packs up on you. As we had i think three kettles going at the same time so you can imagine the kettles did not like long.


  79 months ago
Surviving without central heating is easy enough, as we have a wood burner, with a chimney running up through the centre of the house. This warms all the rooms except the bathroom and the back bedroom as long as you keep it going pretty much constantly through cold weather. Fortunately I get a lot of wood free as a byproduct of working in conservation during the year.
Hot water would be more problematic. The woman next door has a back boiler, but we couldn't fit one here, so it would have to be heating water on the hob, or on a fire in the garden if we had no gas.


  79 months ago
it was not nice when i was living at my parents and the boiler broke down and of all things it was in deep winter where we had snow as well and around christmas so we where not happy bunnies to day the least. but trying to have a bath with two kettle going to heat the water and then sitting in the house under blankets to keep warm. so i would hate to get that again, but saying that ii live in flat that only has economy 7 heating so its not the warmest of flats, but i do have a electric shower thankfully so i will always hot shower regardless.


  79 months ago
We had to last year when our central heating system went, we were without heating/hot water and a flooded lounge as it was a back boiler (we ended up showering & using electric heating) which cost us a fortune


  79 months ago
We currently have no central heating due to the boiler being broke but we do have electric heaters around the house. Don't think that i could survive without hot water though . .


  79 months ago
I couldn't survive easily without my central heating. I've become totally reliant on it and I said I never would. For years, I lived without central heating in Wales and just had a coal fire and a small water heater in the old lean too that supplied 1 gallon of hot water at a time.
As my son and I are not well, we need warmth.


  79 months ago
Luckily this hasnt happened to me but if it did i dont know how i would be able to survive .


  79 months ago
Hi there, not a hope of that as I'm too used to my home comforts and wouldn't last a couple of days. Let alone the entire winter.


  79 months ago
prob not :( one year we had no hot water and that was bad enough, but no heating ! :( t/c x


  79 months ago
For me the lack of "instant" hot water would be the greater hardship , we've got a useful collection of plug in electic radiators and thankfully our home is quite good at retaining heat .....although the last two winters have been the most prolonged / severe I can remember since I was a lad ( many moons ago ).........
As for hot water ...... think we all more or less take it for granted these days but thinking back I can remember my mother having to boil in in the kettle ........ at least some things are better these days then ? lol
I love to soak in a hot bath at least once a week during the winter months ......showers are ideal in the warmer months but when it get's colder a hot bath is perfect for warming the muscles up !
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