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  80 months ago

Is it illegal to block somebody else's driveway with your car?

Surely it is, but don't know if I am right or not. Anybody know?

Ragdoll Lady

  80 months ago
Yes if it is preventing them getting out of their drive and its a proper driveway. it is not illegal however to park outside someones house if their are no yellow lines.


  80 months ago
People are so inconsiderate, they are always blocking our garage gates, it is so annoying when you need to get the car out in a hurry.


  80 months ago
Depends on the council, some say that if the pavement is dropped down outside your drive, then you should not park there, if it is not dropped down then they can park there. But I think if you are a driver you should be considerate when parking and not block a driveway.


  80 months ago
I don't think it is illegal as such, but it is certainly ignorant and inconsiderate!


  80 months ago
Its a friend of mine who is having this trouble. She lives near a school and people are parking infront of her drive, therefore blocking her car in. So if she needed to be anywhere - she would have to wait a good 15minutes for the owners to come back to their car. She did confront the woman who then got her husband to come round to my friend's house banging on the door and threatening her! I personally would never dream of blocking somebody's driveway. They could have a poorly child etc who needs to get to hospital, or somewhere else in an emergency.
Also thats interesting about double parking! Where I live people have drives but they have about 3-4 cars per household so they park on the road, and they can't possibly all park on the same side, so they end up double parking. I have got a Ford Focus and I can just get through. If it was an ambulance or fire engine, it wouldn't be able to get through at all. I think its ignorant!!


  80 months ago
good discussion is not illegal but defiantly morally wrong specially if the person driveway the car blokes is a disable person or elderly. People that have difficulties walking needs more consideration, clearly this is not the case nowadays.
as i am getting older i get more militant....i recon by the time i get to retire i can invest in some wheel clamps ....or better get a private road, i know that some people may find flaws in this plan. i find very annoying when people park in front of my house ... my foot is broken and i have to use crutches, hence my sympathy for disable people.


  80 months ago
No its not illegal, the ONLY time it is illegal is if thre is a double yellow line across the drive entrance or there is a disabled marking in the road outside the drive, The ONLY time (if your plice force can be bothered) that you will get any action is by phoning the police if one of the 2 scenarios above are relevant.
I enquired with the police about this matter a while ago and even if there are double yellows the police have no jurisdiction possibly because all parking vilations are in the hands of the local council.
IF someone is constantly blocking a driveway and the owner of the entrance knows whom the driver of the car is, then the only way is to ask the car owner not to park there again.
I had this situation once and i am disabled and need access to my driveway incase i have to be taken to hospital on a medical emergency. If there was a car across my drive the ONLY way i could get to hospital would be for my partner to phone for an ambulance.


  80 months ago
I think it depends on your council as it was in our local paper the other week that a person was fined for parking across someones drive and there was no car on the drive.


  80 months ago
According to the Highway Code every driver has a right to park anywhere on a public highway except those places which are expressly forbidden. It isn't actually illegal for a motorist to park in front of a private driveway. It is more down to courtesy and respect between you and your neighbours.


  80 months ago
I have just done a Google search and found this (I have copy and pasted it as there is too much to type. Hope it helps:
At the moment it is only an offence to block a vehicle from leaving a property not from entering it. If your car were in your driveway and you needed to get to work the offending vehicle can be removed.
The police used to deal with these as obstruction. But this is now covered by The Traffic Management Act 2004 which made it illegal to park next to a dropped kerb.
Exceptions are:
* When you're in a parking space
* When you're parked outside residential premises with the consent of the occupier of the premises -- as long as you're not paying for parking.
* When loading or unloading for 20 minutes or less.
* When undertaking works such as gas and water, or road works.
* When it's an armed forces vehicle -- so a parking a tank across your neighbour's driveway is OK
Double parking is also now illegal -- you've got to be within 50 cm of the kerb. Exceptions are as above, although the law does allow you to stop to allow people in and out of the car.
Fixed penalties could be up to £80 for the offence.
Highway code section 243 (abridged)
DO NOT stop or park
* in front of an entrance to a property
The rules that state DO NOT are not enforceable by law which is why the old obstruction law, and now the traffic management act 2004 come into play.
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