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  82 months ago

What teams will be relegated from the Premier League for the 2011-2012 season?

what teams do you think will be fighting for their lives in the Barclays premier league for the 2011 - 2012 season?

I think thatt this will be a really well fought season where i can see a team being relegated with even 38 points as we saw last year every one can beat each other but i cant see Swansea lasting so they are my 1st to be relegated i am sorry to their supporters i just hope you prove me and the football pundits wrongm the 2nd well the same as Swansea Norwich have not added no here near as much tallent they need to survive so i see the as the whipping boys and will finnish at the bottom of the table, next i can see Blackburn going as QPR would have taken their space but they have added some really good players Shawn Wright-Philips is a top tallent and will score all the goals they beed to stay out of the relegation dog fight. If Steve Kean gets the sack from the Blackburn job they will be doomed well i still thinl they will go down but they will be close with West Brom and Wigan.

What do you all think?

I am a stock city fan we are sitting pritty in 4th having just Drew 1-1 with Manchest United tell me what team you support and who you think will go down this year.

If you have any questions for me feel free to ask away, i will do my best to answer all the questions that i will see on this opiinion / topic just please keep it clean and have fun.

Best Regards Andrew


  81 months ago
i think that wigan, blackburn and west brom iwll get relagated this seasen because they are not so a good team, like man utd.


  81 months ago
I can see wigan, west brom and norwich getting relegated. I am also a Stoke City fan but we are 7th at the moment . .


  81 months ago
Swansea play attractive football but their defending, especially away from home, is not up to premier standard, so they will be relegated. Wigan have done incredibly well to punch above their weight during the past few seasons, but they're beginning to be found out and this will be one battle too far for them and their manager. The third team to be relegated will be Blackburn Rovers as both the team and their manager look out of their depth. The fans of all three of these clubs should make the most of this season as it could be their last at the top level for some time!


  81 months ago
Wanderers are leaking goals , but the return of Stuart Holden should make a huge difference and whilst there are no easy matches they've had by far the toughest start of all the "non elite" teams , Swansea will I think come good as will QPR but Norwich will struggle , WBA are a better team than their present position .....frankly take away the top 7 clubs and it could be any 3 from 13 .........but being pessimistic I'll go for Wigan , Bolton and Blackburn (with Wolves as my alternate ) and hope I've got it terribly wrong !


  81 months ago
Swansea, Blackburn Sunderland
Think Bolton WbA and Fulham will also struggle and also Norwich & QPR.
And Arsenal if they keep Wenger


  81 months ago
my fella is a newcastle fan, so as long as they keep doing what they are doing he will be happy and that suits me


  81 months ago
At the moment I would say Norwich, Swansea and Bolton will be the 3 to go down


  81 months ago
well i am a newcastle supporter and i thought they were in 4th arnt they? but i think wigan norwich and swansea will go down or even sunderland i cant see west brom or newcastle going down


  81 months ago
I hate football and do not have any opinion on who is to win or not win


  81 months ago
Who are Stock City? 8-} Oh for an editor for opinions!
Bottom 3 - Wigan, Blackburn and Swansea
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